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Avdel® Press Releases

Avdel Introduces New Battery Riveting Tool

September 2012 – The new Avdel eRiv® b10 battery riveting tool frees the Avdel assembly process from the restriction of compressed air lines. This efficient, reliable and ergonomic tool delivers 100% portable riveting at a competitive price.
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Fastening for Commercial & Heavy Industry

April 2012 – For demanding assembly applications where welding is not practical or where conventional bolts struggle to provide a guaranteed and retained clamp load quickly and consistently, Avdel® has developed the new range of Infalok® lockbolts.
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Avdel® celebrate 75 Years of Innovation

July 2011 – - Manufacturer Avdel® commemorated its 75th anniversary with the release of a new, innovative and versatile product at a press day on Tuesday 5th July at their manufacturing facility in Warrington.
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Rivet Manufacturer Avdel turns 75

July 2011 – This year Avdel commemorates its 75th anniversary. As a leading company in mechanical joining, Avdel can look back on a long and proud tradition since its founding in 1936 characterized by innovative ideas and products.
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NeoSpeed™ - Green Assembly at its Best 

June 2011 - Avdel has introduced a new fastener generation that takes the Speed Fastening® technology to the next level. NeoSpeed™ - developed and optimised using the latest Finite Element methods - delivers a manufacturing throughput up to four times greater than traditional threaded or breakstem fasteners.
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Infastech™ - Global Force in the Fastener Industry

December 2010: In August 2010 the sale of Acument Global Technologies’ Avdel® and Global Electronics & Commercial (“GEC”) businesses was completed. The new corporate entity aptly named Infastech was formed and delivers innovative fastening technologies though a global network of Engineering, Sales & Distribution, Operations and strategic Distribution Partners.
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3/8" Monobolt® Aluminium Rivet from Avdel®

November 2010: Avdel® has introduced the Monobolt® 3/8” (10 mm) structural fastener in aluminium in addition to the steel version. This multi-grip structural breakstem fastener creates a fully sealed joint with a visible lock. The rivet is specially designed to suit a wide range of applications for the automotive, commercial vehicle, construction and general industrial markets where high shear and tensile strengths are needed.
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CVC and Standard Chartered Private Equity Limited complete the Acquisition of GEC and Avdel®

SINGAPORE (August 4, 2010) – Funds advised by CVC Asia Pacific Limited (“CVC”),
Standard Chartered Private Equity Limited (“SCPEL”) and company management,
announced today that they have completed the purchase of Acument Global
Technologies’ Avdel® and Global Electronics & Commercial (“GEC”) businesses
through an indirectly owned company to be renamed infastech™ Limited. All businesses
of Avdel® and GEC will be grouped under the new brand – infastech™

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Avdel Repair Concept for Self Piercing Joints

June 2010: Self Pierce Riveting or SPR is an established technology that has been around since the early 1960’s. More recently attention has been paid to this technology because OEM’s are now using dissimilar materials to build their products. A larger content of aluminum alloys, coated metallic materials, plastics, and various combinations of these materials are being used. The Avdel Fastriv® Pierce riveting system is ideal for assembly of these types of materials. In principle, a joint made with self piercing rivets is a permanent fixing i.e. a non removable joint. However, Avdel have a novel repair concept for separating joints created using Self Pierce Rivets.

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New Avibulb® XT steel and Avinox® XT stainless steel fasteners from Avdel

May 2010: In response to market demand, Avdel continues the expansion of its product portfolio with the development of two new 6.4 mm (¼") fasteners. The introduction of the Avibulb® XT and Avinox® XT breakstem fasteners enables Avdel to offer one of the most versatile blind rivets on the market at a highly competitive price point.
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Avdel® introduces new Rivet for Double Flush Assembly

December 2009: As electronic applications have become smaller and smaller it has become one of the challenges of fastening to create a rivet which when placed is flush on both sides that is small enough for these applications and also a fastener that can be placed fast enough to cope with the large scale production lines.
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Versa-Nut® Insert doubles Grip Range for Plastics and Composites

September 2009: Avdel® has introduced a blind insert that doubles the grip range on soft materials, thin-walled plastics, and composites, while providing new levels of joint clamp and pullout resistance with fewer fasteners.
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New high-performance Breakstem Fasteners

August 2009: Avdel® continues the expansion of its product portfolio with the development of the new enhanced 6.4 mm (¼”) Avibulb® steel and Avinox® stainless steel breakstem fasteners. These product range extensions will open up new applications in the following markets: automotive, truck and trailer, heating and ventilation, domestic appliances, industrial equipment and renewable energies.
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Avdel Metal Finishing Ltd. now open to all

July 2009: In 2007, MHE Logistics was purchased by Avdel UK Limited to create Avdel Metal Finishing Limited (AMF). Since then, Avdel Metal Finishing has undergone extensive refurbishment and improvement. For many years, the facility has been the main plating supplier for Avdel’s quality rivets, which are purchased by some of the world’s biggest companies for use in their most demanding applications. High quality, reliable finishes are produced with intensive testing and inspection to ensure that our standards remain consistently high.
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Avdel Blind Side Riveting

April 2009: Rivets have been assembling materials for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the mid-1930s that designers in Europe and the U. S. developed blind versions of these fasteners. Blind riveting was a genuine manufacturing breakthrough, allowing fastening installations from one side of the workpiece when the opposite side was inaccessible with a tool, or could not even be seen. Prior to arrival of this special class of fasteners, it took two assemblers to set a rivet, one with rivet hammer to pound it through the hole, the other with a bucking bar to set it on the opposite side.
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Avdel Assembly Stations

April  2009: Besides a variety of hand tools for the manual assembly, UK based company Avdel® offers assembly stations and automatic assembly machines for series production. In times of strong cost pressure these machines offer important benefits due to optimised assembly processes and the associated potential savings. Avdel’s approach is the assembly, because there is the largest potential for rationalisation. In fact the installed fasteners only have a relative small part in the total cost of the assembly.
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Avdel Avbolt® Structural Fastener

December 2008: The popular Avbolt® fastener is now also available in a 5/8” (16mm) diameter. The Avbolt® structural fastener is a high strength, tamper resistant, blind steel fastener designed for use in heavy-duty structural applications such as automotive, construction, container, railway and mining.
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New Suspension Kit for Riveting Tools

December 2008: Avdel is proud to announce the new Genesis® Suspension Kit for vertical down operation which features a remote stem collection unit.
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The Future of Riveting

December 2008: Times are changing in the fastening community. The last decade has produced more advanced fastening technology than ever before and it has become an arms race between companies to develop new, better technologies.
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Avdel attends the Fastening Assembly and Solutions Exhibition

December 2008: Whilst attending the Fastening Solutions and Assembly Exhibition on October 23rd Avdel® was proud to launch 3 previously unseen products:
- The 07287 Tool
- The ¼ Avibulb® Fastener
- The Genesis® Suspension Kit
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Avdel Avex® - The Original

December 2008: With riveting technology changing and new products launched everyday it is perhaps surprising that Avex® rivets, one of Avdel’s oldest brands still sells as well today as it did in the 1960s.  From January 2008 to October 2008 almost 364 million Avex® rivets were sold. 
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Avdel Monobolt® 3/8" and 7287 Series Installation Equipment

October 2008: Avdel® has introduced the new Monobolt® 3/8” (10 mm) blind rivet. This multi-grip structural breakstem fastener creates a fully sealed joint with a visible lock. The rivet is specially designed to suit a wide range of applications for the automotive, commercial vehicle and general industrial markets where high shear and tensile strengths are needed.
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New Avdel Handtools

October 2008: Avdel® has introduced lightweight Genesis® nG handtools with advanced features that increase reliability, ergonomics, productivity and service over the models they replace.
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Assembly Technology Expo 2008

Avdel Fastening Technology for the largest Thermosolar Plant in the World

April 2008: "Andasol 1", currently the largest thermosolar plant in the world, can be found In Andalusia, southern Spain, near Guadix (province of Granada). This thermosolar plant uses parabolic trough collectors covering a huge expanse of 510,000 m². When the thermosolar plant, which will generate 50 Megawatts, is connected to the national grid in mid 2008, it will provide electricity for up to 50,000 homes, i.e., 200,000 people.
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