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Automation Equipment for Breakstem Fasteners & Sealing Plugs

Single-head Workstations

  • Power tools can be suspended or mounted on a pantograph arm
  • Other options include integration into the work bench and foot pedal operation
  • Stem extraction system remotely collects the stems and eliminates the need for emptying the stem collector bottle
  • Easy integration into production process
  • Ergonomic design

Multi-head Assembly Stations

From simple twin-headed modules to multi-headed, customised equipment, these systems can dramatically reduce assembly time and costs while improving consistency of placing.

These systems can be designed for virtually any application or assembly environment and process monitoring equipment or clamping modules can be easily integrated. The direction, type and number of assembly heads can all be customised. We have designed equipment with two heads to over eighty heads but the configurations are virtually limitless.


Together with the fasteners, these high precision tools create a high quality, reliable assembly system. The fasteners are placed accurately and consistently without the risk of over-torquing. An additional benefit of these systems are the practical jig points provided by the assembly heads.


  • High speed assembly
  • Assembly of any configuration
  • Fastening at any angle
  • Synchronous fastener placement
  • Highly controlled assembly
  • Process flexibility
  • Integration into assembly lines
  • Improved product quality
Assembly of any configuration
Fastening at any angle
Synchronous fastener placement

Avimat® Automated Assembly System

The Avimat® provides a modular, automated assembly system for breakstem fasteners, reducing assembly times and costs. The integral processing diagnostics ensure the assembly process is highly controlled for improved product quality. It places the entire range of breakstem and structural breakstem fasteners from 3.0 mm to 6.4 mm (except Avdelmate® & Klamp-Tite® fasteners).

  • Modular design of placing head, blow feed unit and PLC control cabinet for quick and simple integration into assembly lines
  • Will work as a stand alone unit
  • Flexible electric, pneumatic and hydraulic connections between all main components for quick and simple interface with a wide range of assembly systems
  • The compact, lightweight placing head is quick to reconfigure, can be mounted separately and used at any angle – providing maximum production flexibility and minimum tool downtime
  • Integral processing diagnostics at all stages with clear and simple PLC displays for high precision, highly reliable assembly
  • Continuous fastener feed with an average cycle time of approximately 5 seconds makes it ideal for high volume production lines
The compact, lightweight placing head can be mounted separately and work in any position
Fasteners are transferred from the bowl feeder to the placing head via the blow feeder

Viking® II Continuous Feed Automation

The Viking® automation equipment was primarily developed in 1994 for the use in the Automotive sector.

  • Fully automatic fastener feed
  • Can be used in combination with robots, NC-axis or other transfer systems
  • Robust design >10 year working life
  • Proven capability to install >680,000 pa over working life
  • Built using only the most reliable of proprietary component parts
  • Freely configurable to suit application requirements
  • Step feeder to orientate and feed fasteners without damage
  • Can accept quick release nose equipment
  • Reliable & efficient autofeed equipment
  • The riveting cycle is completely montitored by SPC and visualised on the operator interface
  • Process diagnostic options by monitoring system

Viking® II Equipment - Typical system comprising:

  • Placing head
  • Spent stem extraction & collection system
  • Pneumatic control valves
  • Step feeder
  • Hydraulic power pack

Placing Head Configurations

  • Variety of head configurations to suit application needs
  • Placing Head elements may be positioned and moved relative to one another to accommodate the requirements of the application
Viking® system for installation of Avseal® sealing plugs from three sides
Integrated Assembly Station

Assembly Applications

Please see examples of some assembly systems we carried out together with our customers.

>>> Customised Assembly Solutions