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Automation Equipment for Speed Fasteners

Single-head Workstations

These single-head workstations can place the entire range of Avdel Speed Fastening® Systems and stand out for their ergonomic design.

  • For ergonomic workplace layout
  • Rapid assembly makes them cost-effective, even with small batch sizes
  • Simple to operate
  • High mobility
  • Easy integration into the production process
  • Provide smooth and shock-free riveting, ideal for sensitive components

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>>> Download 70510-01000 Flyer - Underbench Workstation

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Pantograph workstation
Fixed arm workstation
Underbench workstation
Suspended tool
Workstation with process control


The Avdel Mini-MAS (Multi-head Assembly Station) is a twin-head assembly station for fast, parallel assembly with compact and ergonomic design making it very easy to integrate into existing assembly lines.

The Avdel Mini-MAS is suitable for many applications
  • Double-head parallel riveting optimizes the assembly and increases the quality of the joint
  • The rivets are presented in pairs and provide practical jig points for the components
  • Possible linear positioning of one riveting module provides progressive adjustment of the riveting pitch from 29 mm up to 120 mm (close pitch version 17 mm – 108 mm)
  • Hydraulic riveting modules provide smooth and shock-free riveting
  • Activation by a foot pedal, leaving the hands free for component handling
  • Seated workstation (stand version optional available)
  • ESD construction as an option

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Multi-head Assembly Stations

Multi-head assembly workstations are designed for the synchronous placement of multiple fasteners. Systems can be simple fixed, two head workstations or complex systems where as many as 60 fasteners can be placed at the same time. Most multi headed systems are customised to some extent which means that the user can enjoy the benefits of an assembly solution designed to their own specific requirements.


  • Synchronous fastener placement maximises productivity and throughput
  • In built fixturing reduces assembly time
  • Modular assembly technology reduces maintenance costs
  • Diagnostics capability improves quality control; preventive maintenance regimes can be implemented
  • These workstations can be readily integrated into existing production facilities
29 placing heads to assemble computer chassis
10 placing heads to assemble automotive sealing strips

Automated Assembly Systems

Automated assembly systems are designed for integration within production lines and offer a complete operator free assembly solution for highest levels of productivity.

  • Modular bowl fed fasteners for continuous fastening
  • In line integration
  • Diagnostic capability through operator interface
  • Modular design with simple equipment access for simple maintenance processes
MIRS System to assemble vacuum pump
PMP System

Special Option: Autoload MK4

Automatic reload of 753 handtool

The Autoload option provides bowl fed fasteners to minimise reloading downtime and maximise productivity. The fasteners are automatically loaded onto the mandrel. When fasteners on one mandrel are spent, the tool is placed in the nest, and the system inserts a fully-loaded replacement into the modified 753 tool. The system features an operator interface board that displays real-time reports on machine cycles and fault diagnostics. The data also can be linked to a network allowing off-site monitoring and maintenance.

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Assembly Applications

Please see examples of some assembly systems we carried out together with our customers.

>>> Customised Assembly Solutions