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A two-piece breakstem fastener consisting of a rivet and tubular section which provide a wide grip range, controlled clamp and a large bearing area on both sides of the application.

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The Avdel Avdelmate® rivet is a two-piece wide-grip, breakstem fastener suitable for a range of applications in soft, thin sheet and brittle materials. The Avdelmate fastener brand is a new extension to the Avdel rivet portfolio that provides a targeted solution in certain niche market applications.

Avdelmate fasteners provide a secure clamp without crushing the parent material and good hole fill due to the radially expanded rivet body. This makes the Avdelmate fastener  ideal for stadium seating, furniture, playground equipment and racking applications.


Key features and benefits

  • Extra-wide grip range from 15.8 mm to 98.4 mm (5/8" to 3-7/8")

  • Large bearing area against both sides of the application spreads the tail bearing load/clamp load on the rear sheet to prevent damage

  • Clamps tightly and securely without crushing parent material

  • Excellent hole fill via radially expanded rivet body for a strong and vibration resistant joint

  • Rivet stem retained in tubular component avoids loose stems

  • Low profile headform on both sides of the application for a neat appearance

Assembly materials

Ideal for use in thin sheet, soft, brittle or low strength materials, Avdelmate® can be used to fasten:

  • Metal to metal
  • Plastic to plastic
  • Metal to plastic
  • Metal rear sheet
  • Various composite materials

Assembly applications

  • Playgrounds equipment

  • Furniture

  • Racks

  • Stadium seating

  • Street signs


  • Sizes: 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm (3/16" and 1/4")
  • Materials: Aluminium alloy and steel

  • Headforms: Dome
Avdelmate® - Series
Material Headform Series
SteelDomeAvdelmate® SSLMS
Aluminium AlloyDomeAvdelmate® BALMS

Body: Aluminium

Mandrel: Steel

Tube: Aluminium



Avdelmate® BSLMS


>>> POP Avdel Breakstem Systems Catalog (7 MB)


Surface finish options

If you are looking for other surface finish options than shown in the above datasheets please download our
>>> Surface Finishes and Fastener Matrix for Breakstem Systems
This will show you what surface finish options are possible to apply to our standard fastener types as "customer specials".
Customised Designs

We can design and manufacture breakstem fasteners with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Please refer to this page to find examples of our customised capabilities:
>>> Breakstem Fasteners & Sealing Plugs - Customised Designs

Installation Equipment

Avdelmate® rivets can be installed by the Avdel® handtools and installation equipment detailed below. 

Tool Selection
Follow this link to find the tools suitable for your breakstem fastener:
>>> Placing Capablity Genesis® nG Tools

Nose Equipment Selection

Follow this link to find the correct nose equipment for your breakstem fastener:

>>> Nose Equipment Genesis® nG Tools

For further information on specific nose equipment, please contact your local Avdel® representative or use our tool manuals:
>>> Tool Manuals

Alternative Products

Aluminum alloy breakstem fasteners with a split tail formation providing a very large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet

Genesis® Range
New high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic handtools for breakstem rivets.