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Powertools for

Speed Fasteners


Avdel® can offer a range of high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic and hydraulic handtools and fully automated equipment for Speed Fasteners. The fasteners and tools combine to provide a fastening system suitable for numerous assembly applications in the manufacturing industry.

How they work:
The fastener is generally located on a pre-loaded mandrel and then inserted into the joint hole. As the mandrel is pulled through the fastener body, radial expansion and clamp-up occur. The installation is complete and the next fastener is indexed into position automatically.

Tool Models



Avdel’s 753 tool is a high performance, hydro pneumatic hand tool in heavy duty plastic, designed for rapid, blind side installation of Avdel Speed Fastening® System. The 753 tool is the only one you need to place the whole range of Avdel speed fasteners (except ø 1.6 mm Avlug®). This tool can fit 1500 fasteners per hour with the ability to work in hard to reach areas. The 753 has an extensive range of options to meet your individual needs.



Avdel’s 7536 hydro-pneumatic hand tool is a lightweight tool with a separate intensifier. The 7536 rivet tool is designed to place the ø1.6 mm (1/16") Avlug® Speed Fastener. It is consistent and reliable to maximise productive time. With a long reach barrel this tool is ideal for hard to reach applications.


Avdel’s 7537 tool is a lightweight yet tough and durable hydraulic hand tool to fit the standard range of Avdel speed fasteners. With no long umbilical and a rapid cycle time this lightweight tool is simple to use reducing your operators’ fatigue. The 7537 has a variety of options including the ability to be suspended to ensure your requirements are matched.

This vertical riveting tool can place the entire range of Avdel Speed Fastening® Systems and is used for "Top-Down" riveting requirements. The benefit: easy tool handling, and fatigue-proof operation.