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Avdelok® XT

The range of Avdelok® XT lockbolts are large diameter, heavy duty, two piece fasteners designed to provide exceptionally high strength and secure assembly.

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Avdelok® XT (formerly known as Infalok®) large diameter lockbolts are heavy duty, two-piece fasteners designed to provide a high strength and secure assembly. Quick and simple to place they provide a long lasting, vibration proof joint. Avdelok® XT lockbolts are the ideal solution where welding, threaded fasteners or solid rivets are not suitable or practical to use.

Capable of delivering a joint clamp (pre-load) of over 225 kN and a tensile strength of over 300 kN, they can be widely used in demanding engineering industries including railways, construction, mining, bridge and crane building.

Key features and benefits

  • Exceptional shear and tensile strength provides consistent, high performance required in load-bearing, structural applications
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • Quick and easy to install across a wide range of applications
  • Grip increments match exactly with international standards
  • Tamper resistant
  • Tolerates variation in joint - allows angled installation up to 7°
  • New range of robust installation tools designed for even extreme conditions
  • Ease of use - requires only minimum skill
  • Informational head marking for easier identification
  • Visual joint control

Installed Avdelok® XT fasteners provide a minimum shear, tensile and pre-load strength, which is equivalent to or exceeds ISO898-1 property class 8.8 or ASTM A-325 standards. Made to British Standard B7805: Part 2:1997, the Avdelok® XT fastener can be the perfect alternative to conventional property class grade 8.8 threaded fasteners, providing a permanent, high tensile friction grip joint but without the risk of loosening.

Assembly applications

  • Transportation (Heavy Vehicles)
  • Railway/rail track
  • Steel construction (bridge building/repair, renewable energy)
  • Heavy equipment
  • Containers


  • Sizes: 1/2" to 1-1/8" (12.7 mm to 28.6 mm)
  • Material: Steel
  • Headform: Round, Large truss head
  • Collar: Full, Flanged


Large trussAvdelok® XT 2854
Avdelok® XT - Series
Material Headform Series No.
Steel Round Avdelok® XT 2851/2/3


Geometric, material and finish specials can be offered, please contact your local representative. 


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Installation Equipment

For the quick and reliable installation of the Avdelok® XT lockbolts we can now offer a new range of durable, state-of-the-art AV™ placing tools and modern, proven Enerpac® pump units.

>>> 734 AV Installation Tool Flyer (UK version)

>>> 734 AV Installation Tool Flyer (NA version)

Nose Equipment Selection

Follow this link to find the correct nose equipment for your lockbolt:
>>> Datasheet Nose Equipment Lockbolt Tools

For further information on specific nose equipment, please contact your local Avdel® representative or use our tool manuals:
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