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High strength, steel fastener and shell designed for joining composite panels to metal.

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The Avdel Avtainer® fastener is a high strength steel fastener for joining composite materials to metal. With a high shear strength due to the internally locked stem the Avtainer rivet creates a vibration resistant joint whilst the under- head SantopreneTM seal creates a watertight joint.

Key features and benefits

  • Prevents cracking and pull through of composite materials

  • Ideal for the assembly of GRP vehicle panels

  • High shear strength for strong joint integrity

  • Underhead SantopreneTM seal

  • Internally locked stem provides a secure, vibration resistant joint

  • Smaller shell size available for use against metal surfaces

  • Low profile head and shell give a neat appearance

  • Optional encapsulated heads to match the surrounding panel colour

  • Quick to install with Genesis placing tools

  • Easy to inspect for tampering

  • TIR approved

Assembly materials

Avtainer® can be used to fasten:

  • Metal to metal
  • Metal to GRP or composites

Assembly applications

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Container
  • Partioning


  • Sizes: 10.0 mm (3/8")
  • Materials: Low Carbon Steel
  • Headforms: Brazier head
  • Option: Encapsulated heads
Avtainer® - Series
Material HeadformsSeries
Low Carbon Steel Low profileAvtainer 2311


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Surface finish options

If you are looking for other surface finish options than shown in the above datasheets please download our
>>> Surface Finishes and Fastener Matrix for Lockbolt Systems
This will show you what surface finish options are possible to apply to our standard fastener types as "customer specials".
Customised Designs
We can design and manufacture lockbolts with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Please refer to this page to find examples of our customised capabilities:
>>> Lockbolts - Customised Designs

Installation Equipment

The picture below shows the Genesis® nG4 handtool which can be used to place Avtainer® lockbolts.


Tool Selection
Follow this link to find the tools suitable for your lockbolt:
>>> Placing Capablity Lockbolt Tools

Nose Equipment Selection
Follow this link to find the correct nose equipment for your lockbolt:
>>> Nose Equipment Lockbolt Tools

For further information on specific nose equipment, please contact your local Avdel® representative or use our tool manuals:
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