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Non-breakstem Lockbolt Fastening System

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NeoBolt® is a non-breakstem steel lockbolt fastening system designed for use in heavy-duty structural applications. The pin doesn't break when the fastener is installed. The two-piece fasteners, designed by STANLEY Engineered Fastening, feature unique design characteristics such as annular locking grooves for unmatched vibration resistance, fatigue performance and avoidance of loosening by unscrewing.
The NeoBolt program comprises a wide range of fastener diameters and lengths. Existing, well-proven Avdel placing tools are adapted specifically to suit the full range of NeoBolt sizes.

Key features and benefits

No pin break:

  • No metal waste, eco-friendly
  • Eliminate dropped stems improving working area safety
  • Avoid corrosion at stem break point (vs. traditional lockbolts)
  • Reduced pin size and weight for lower warehousing and shipping cost

Shockless Installation:

  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Improves tool life and components' durability
  • Reduces installation noise

Fast & Consistent Installation:

  • Fine pitch pin groove design for superior vibration resistance vs. traditional lockbolts and nut & bolt settings
  • Collar 'fit-up' feature for easy pre-assembly of the joint, avoids the need to support the pin during the placing operation, ideal for upside-down installation
  • Radial bar indicators for quick visual swage inspection upon placing
  • Fast, not operator reliant installation for improved productivity

Maintenance Free:

  • No torque or re-torque is required

Assembly applications

  • Railway, e.g. Railcar, Rolling Stock, Track/Infrastructure
  • Truck & Trailer
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Solar & Wind Energy
  • Bridge Building
  • Mining Equipment
  • Screening Equipment
  • Fencing & Security Screens
  • Construction
  • Overland Infrastructure
  • Power & Utility Services


    • Sizes: 4.8 mm to 25.4 mm (3/16" to 1")
    • Material: Steel
    • Head Style: Round
    • Collar Style: Flanged


    For more details please download
    >>> NeoBolt catalog (metric)
    >>> NeoBolt catalog (imperial).

    Installation Equipment

    NeoBolt® lockbolts can be placed with the a range of installation tools depending on the fastener diameter: Genesis nG3 LB, Type 73200, Type 7287 and the AV™ Series