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Avdel® has a long history of successfully working with customers in a variety of industries.


Avdel® supplies a range of automotive quality products to both the OEM vehicle manufacturers and their tiers suppliers. We support applications as diverse as engine sealing and front end, air bags and seat mechanisms and complete the offering with comprehensive assembly solutions from special handtools to fully unmanned automation.

Commercial Vehicles

Avdel® works closely with many of the world’s leading truck and trailer manufactures. On a more local level we work closely with many body builders producing vehicles for a variety of different purposes. Avdel® also works closely with major distributors and specialist concessionaires supplying the industry.


Avdel® supplies a range of products for the construction industry. These range from breakstem fasteners for roofing and cladding applications to high performance lockbolts used in structures from bridges to solar energy installations.

Appliance: Avdel® has a long history working with appliance manufacturers. Recent innovations include the Fastriv® self pierced riveting system which offers extensive benefits in pre-coated thin sheet materials.

Domestic Appliances

To support a variety of different markets and regions Avdel® works closely with a global network of distribution partners. These are specially selected to offer local service and support across the product portfolio.


The Avdel® Speed Fastening® system has been widely applied in a variety of electronics applications from PCBs to cabinets. Other solutions such as our automated assembly systems have also been used to great effect as both OEMs and CEMs have sought to lower costs and maximise throughput.


With our wide product offering Avdel® can help improve productivity in sectors as diverse as switchgear and air-conditioning, garage doors and security fittings. Through focused global resources, the Avdel® offering provides a broad range of fastening products and value added services for our customers.