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Market - Commercial Vehicles

Fasteners for Commercial Vehicles

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Unlike the mass production automotive sector, the commercial vehicle industry is highly specialised. Vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a Luton panel van and rigid dry freight lorry to open deck and curtain sided vehicles and trailers. This is in addition to the passenger transport sector with its wide variety of coaches and buses. With many purpose-designed vehicles often built in small batches, the ease of installation and multi-grip performance of fasteners together with the flexibility of installation tooling is vital. Furthermore, the range of fasteners that are used on just one vehicle can vary significantly. For instance, assembling a vehicle chassis and attaching body fittings to it requires high strength, load bearing structural fasteners that are vibration resistant and offer a high degree of joint integrity. Alternatively, for a vehicle's bodywork and interior fittings, fasteners need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and be able to fasten thin sheet metal. For certain applications fasteners may also need to be TIR approved. This is especially important for door gear and side panels on vehicles travelling throughout Europe to prevent illegal access.

Typical Assembly Applications