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Material and Surface Finish Standards

Material Standards

The table below explains the abbreviations we use to denote the basic requirements for steels, aluminium alloys and copper alloys used in the manufacture of Avdel® fasteners. Each standard contains a list of grades available. The grade used for each range of Avdel® fastener is included in the general material and standard description at the top of our technical data sheets. Where the material used appears in more than one of the standards listed, as a direct equivalent, each grade is included in the description.

The inclusion of these standards and grade designations provides recognition of the material used in Europe, USA and worldwide. Using these designations it is also possible for customers to identify equivalent grades where they appear in their own national standards by reference to "Stahlschlüssel" or similar material databases.


StandardDescriptionCountry of Origin
BS 1473British Standard for Aluminium Alloy Wire for Rivet, Bolt and Screw stockUK
BS EN 573-3European standard for Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys-Chemical Composition and Form of Wrought Products Part 3: Chemical Composition EuropeUK
BS 970British Standard for Wrought SteelsUK
NoteBS 970 has been superseded by BS EN 10083, 10084, 10085, 10087, 10088, 10089, 10095, 10250, 10277, 10278
BS EN 10263British Standard for Steel Wire for Cold Forged Fasteners
British Standard for Stainless Steel Wire for Cold Forged Fasteners

BS EN 12166British Standard for Copper and Copper Alloy WiresUK
AAAluminium AssociationUSA
AISIAmerican Iron and Steel InstituteUSA
SAESociety for Automotive EngineersUSA
DIN 1654Deutsches Institut für Normung - SteelsGermany
DIN 1725Deutsches Institut für Normung - Aluminium AlloysGermany
DIN 1787Deutsches Institut für Normung - Copper ProductsGermany
DIN 17111Deutsches Institut für Normung - Low Carbon SteelsGermany
DIN 17660Deutsches Institut für Normung - Copper AlloysGermany
Werkstoff Numbering System for MaterialsGermany

Surface Finish Standards

The table below explains the abbreviations we use to denote the surface finish standards used in the manufacture of Avdel® fasteners, which provide recognition in the UK and throughout Europe. The general surface finish standard descriptions appear at the top of our technical data sheets along with the material standards detailed above.The term "yellow passivated" in relation to zinc or zinc/nickel plated fasteners refers to a supplementary treatment based on chromates to enhance the corrosion resistance.The absence of any supplementary treatment term for zinc plated fasteners indicates that they are supplied either with clear or no passivation.For fasteners that are not coated or are supplied polished, for example some aluminium alloy fasteners, the terms natural and polished are used respectively.The below table is an example listing for some of the standards available.


Standard DescriptionCountry of Origin
BS 1615British Standard for specifying anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium and its alloys  UK
BS 3382British Standard for electroplated coatings on threaded componentsUK
BS EN 12329European Standard for Zinc Plating and supplementary treatment. (Supersedes British Standard BS 1706)UK
TL244 Volkswagen specification for zinc/nickel platingGermany
Passivation treatment of Stainless SteelsUSA